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The Main Uses of PET Brushed Film


PET brushed film has a wide range of applications, mainly covering the following fields and products:

1. Packaging industry: PET brushed film is often used as packaging materials for food, drugs and cosmetics. Because of its excellent protective properties, it can effectively ensure product safety.

2. Decoration and home: PET brushed film is widely used in the field of home decoration, such as the decoration of home appliance surfaces, furniture, and brushed decorative films in buildings, adding modernity and beauty to the space.

3. Electronic field: Electronic products such as TV panels, refrigerator door panels, air conditioner panels, and computer panels often use PET brushed film as the protective layer of the shell or panel to provide stable and long-lasting protection.

4. Construction industry: In the construction field, PET brushed film is used for decoration and protection of exterior walls and roofs. Its weather resistance and durability make it an ideal choice.

In addition, PET brushed films can also be used to manufacture various functional products, such as drawing transfer hot stamping films, single-layer drawing films and PET composite drawing films, etc. These products are widely used in different industrial fields.

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