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What is Holographic Film?


The main film materials used in holographic films, such as PVC, PET, OPP and BOPP, provide a wealth of choices for the printing and packaging industry. The following is a detailed introduction to PET holographic film and OPP holographic film. Each has its own unique characteristics and uses.

PET holographic film:

PET holographic film has become one of the most widely used and used materials on the market due to its material stability, excellent printability and environmental protection properties. It can be perfectly combined with cardboard and made into various packaging boxes, bags, etc. after printing to meet the needs of the packaging market. At the same time, transparent PET holographic film can also be used in the production of molded packaging. In addition, PET holographic film is often used to print into self-adhesive labels, or processed into decorative materials such as filigree and powder.

OPP holographic film:

Although traditional OPP materials are slightly inferior to PET in terms of printability, with the continuous improvement of surface treatment technology, the printing effect of OPP holographic film has been significantly improved. Now, customers can easily achieve beautiful printing effects. The transparent OPP holographic film is also a high-quality glazing material, which can bring a new visual experience to printed matter. In addition, OPP holographic film is also suitable for the production of flexible packaging and is an ideal choice for the packaging industry.

In general, PET holographic film and OPP holographic film each have their own advantages. According to the specific needs and application scenarios of the product, the most suitable material can be selected to achieve the best packaging effect.

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